Instantly share
contact details.

A digital business card for your Apple Wallet or Google Pay. Your contact details are shared when your QR code is scanned.

No app or internet connection required to use.

Why Doorway.

Welcome to a world without paper business cards. No more will you need to remember to carry stacks of cards, with potentially out of date details or bent corners. Help in saving paper, plastic & metal and digitise your in person connections with a Doorway digital business card.

Connect anywhere - no need for internet connection

One digital business card - unlimited exchanges

Update your details anytime

Share Details Instantly

Anyone with a smartphone can scan your QR code & instantly save your details into their phonebook.

No App or Internet
Connection Required

Connect anywhere & anytime.

Update Your Details

Update the contact details
your card shares for free.

You're Findable in Phonebooks

If someone forgets your name, people can find you in their phonebook by searching for your industry or just by typing 'Doorway'.

Design Your Card(s)

Give a fully personalised experienced & update your design anytime.


No paper, plastic or metal.

The digital business card for your digital wallet.


For those wanting
the basic functionality.

  • Update contact details
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Give off that
professional vibe.

  • Everything in free, plus
  • Remove Doorway branding
  • Add own background colour & logos
  • Update card design anytime
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Trusted by.

Forward thinking individuals & companies

I have been trialling this over the last few weeks and have had some really great feedback from clients suggesting the days of hard copy business cards are indeed over.

Mark Farmer - Founding Director & CEO at Cast Consultancy

We wanted business cards for an event but didn't want to go for the ‘old way’. These are ideal for the business vibe we wanted to give off, and fit for the future.

Alex Green - CEO at Beyond Wines

My digital business card from Doorway has revolutionised the way I make in-person connections. I can leave the stacks of business cards at home, and instead, just open my apple wallet on my iPhone, show my digital business card and via a QR code my details leap into the contact book of my new acquaintance in seconds.

Andy Gibson - CEO at WildTribe

How it works.

Create & start using in less than a minute

1. Input Your Details

Input job role, company, industry, phone numbers, emails, addresses, URLs & social profiles.

2. Save Your Card

Saved to your Apple Wallet,
Apple Watch or Google Pay.

3. Scan To Save

Any smartphone can scan your QR code & instantly save your details straight into their native phonebook.

For Events.

Make networking at your events totally paperless & contactless
by giving Free Doorway cards to your guests.

It's as simple as:

1. Design your cards

2. Share a magic link with your guests


Data & Privacy

Doorway always has your back for privacy.

Your details can only be saved by those who you’ve shared it with with. Additionally, users and customers have the assurance that all personal information on Doorway belongs to the user - it is never sold or shared by Doorway and can only ever be shared by the user.

Doorway always commits to providing a compliant and consistent approach to data protection. We have an effective data protection program in place which complies with existing law and abides by GDPR, UK DPA & CCPA.


How do people get my contact details?

They simply have to scan your card's QR code & your details are instantly saved into the other person's native address book.

Won't my details be lost in the other person's native address book?

No. If people forget your name they can find you by searching for 'Doorway' in their address book - just remember to tell them about this when you meet! Additionally you can add industry details to your profile to be even more searchable.

Do people need an app to save my contact details?

No. Anyone with a smartphone can instantly save your contact details by scanning your card's QR code.

Do I need to download an app?

No. Doorway is a web app that doesn't require you to download any app. Update your contact details here.

Who can save my contact details?

Anyone with a smartphone can scan your card's QR code & save your contact details.

Can I use my card if there's no internet connection?

Yes! People can save your contact details without the need for internet connection.

How do I download my Doorway card?

Simply login to your Doorway account here.

How do I update my details?

Edit your details from here.

How do I quickly access my card?

Just like a contactless payment, you can use your phone's quick-actions to get to your digital wallet.

Instructions for Apple users

How do I customise my card's design?

Design your card from here.

Can I get Doorway cards for my team, company or organisation?

Yes! Simply add your branding from here & then invite others to get your designed card via a magic link which we'll send you.

How much does a custom card cost?

It depends on how many you're needing! See our pricing here.

How do I get more cards for my company?

If you already added your own branding to your cards, simply share your magic link with anyone who wants / needs one. If you've lost your magic link get in contact.

If you don't have branded cards, get started here.

How do I get FREE custom designed Doorway cards for my event?

Get from here.

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