The #1 Digital Business Card for Enterprise

that goes in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay.

App-less / Paperless / Contactless

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A paperless, cardless and app-less solution to paper business cards

Full admin controls

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The most cost-efficient digital business card solution with no surprise charges

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Internationally recognised data privacy and security certifications

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About Doorway.

Doorway is the most forward-thinking digital business card that's the perfect solution to the paper business card problem.

We already serve enterprises around the world and are defined by our desire to always be the most convenient and efficient solution on the market.

Why Doorway.

Go paperless, cardless and app-less

The days of giving out paper business cards are over. Due to COVID and environmental challenges, the world has woken up to more efficient alternatives: digital business cards.

Doorway offers the most efficient digital business card that doesn't require paper, a physical card or an app.

Conveniently disconnected

There's no need the internet for your contact details to be saved - something totally unique to our digital business cards.

This may not seem like a big deal in the modern world, but you'd be surprised the amount of times you find yourself meeting new people in low to no connection!

Share any kind of business information

Share any of the following through your digital business card:

Job Role
Phone Numbers
Social Profiles

Full admin controls

Doorway is built with company controls in mind. This includes being able to control:

Who has a card
What details each card shares
Update all card designs at anytime

Know more about data privacy & security


Goes in your Apple Wallet or Google Pay

Contact details saved instantly without using internet

Manage details employees share and update anytime

Design your cards and update at anytime

No app required

Manage who has a card

Easy rollout via a magic link

Create unlimited cards

Unlimited card sharing

Add URLs and social media profiles

No surprise charges

Searchable in address books under 'Doorway'

Forward thinking individuals & companies

I have been trialling this over the last few weeks and have had some really great feedback from clients suggesting the days of hard copy business cards are indeed over.

Mark Farmer - Founding Director & CEO at Cast Consultancy

We wanted business cards for an event but didn't want to go for the ‘old way’. These are ideal for the business vibe we wanted to give off, and fit for the future.

Alex Green - CEO at Beyond Wines

My digital business card from Doorway has revolutionised the way I make in-person connections. I can leave the stacks of business cards at home, and instead, just open my apple wallet on my iPhone, show my digital business card and via a QR code my details leap into the contact book of my new acquaintance in seconds.

Andy Gibson - CEO at WildTribe

Rollout is easy.

1. Design Your Digital Cards

Add your background
colour & logo.

2. Share Magic Link With Employees

They input their details & save their card to their digital wallet.

3. Start Using Immediately

Any smartphone can instantly save your employees' contact details by scanning their QR code.

Ready to get started?

Use mobile to test card.
Try Android test card here

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